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Welcome to Get Sust Online

What is it?

This online assessment covers five important areas where businesses can focus to improve their sustainability business performance:

  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Purchasing
  • Transport
  • Healthy workplaces

Each section has only three questions.

Your answers in Get Sust Online will generate a Get Sust Snapshot Report with suggestions for improving your business sustainability performance. You will also be able to compare your business to others taking the survey. Plus a handy resource document will be available for download at the end.

When should I do it?

This is a short assessment to get your business started, and as it only takes 10 - 15 minutes you may as well start now!

If your business is looking for a comprehensive sustainability assessment, then the Sustainable Business Network's Get Sustainable Challenge (GSC) is right for you. The GSC assessment is in-depth and covers additional topics such as business strategy and values, financial sustainability and investment, and product and service design - and it involves tailored one on one advice.

How often should I do it?

After the first assessment save your Get Sust Snapshot Report and then repeat the assessment as often as you like: every 3, 6 or 12 months. Each time you complete the assessment the tool will generate a new report, and the latest benchmarking data will be applied. If you're making improvements in your business you'll start to see the difference in the results this Get Sust Online tool gives you.

How do I get a passcode?

Purchase your 12 month subscription/passcode today.
$265 exc GST per passcode. If you would like to purchase a passcode click where you can make your payment using your credit card and automatically be issued with a passcode.

Or contact the Sustainable Business Network to arrange the issuing of a invoice and passcode on

Members of the Sustainable Business Network are eligible for FREE use of Get Sust Online. Email us to request your passcode at

If you already have your passcode it's time to sign in.



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