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Please check the following terms and conditions. Once you have completed this section, work through the questions one by one. You will need to complete all the questions to receive your Get Sust Snapshot Report.

Only organisations issued with a 'passcode' can complete this assessment. Contact if you are having trouble logging in.

Terms and Conditions:

The information you provide is used to prepare the online responses and Get Sust Snapshot Report. The data is stored for the express purposes of creating the report and to generate benchmarking data for use in the tool. All benchmarking is generic, by business size and business type only, and no businesses are named.

Data stored by SBN will not be made available to third parties. Should any organisational data regarding the businesses' sustainability successes be noticed by SBN, the business may be approached by SBN to discuss creation of a case study to profile and celebrate the business.

Once the participant has downloaded the Get Sust Snapshot Report, privacy of the data in that report becomes the responsibility of the participant.

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